One of the most popular fabric services we provide at Decorators Express is our soil resistance and anti-stain treatment. The fluorocarbon solution we use is designed to prevent staining, to protect against being soiled, and to make cleaning easy. It works by repelling both water and oil, so spills will bead up over the surface of the fabric rather than soaking in. This will enable you to clean up the spill before the damage is done.

The fluorocarbon treatment also makes the fabric's fibers release soil and stains more easily. The chemicals surround each fiber and provide benefits to all of the fabric. This means that cleaning stains and soil will require less effort and be more effective. In addition, fabrics Decorators Express treats with our fluorocarbon solution are still washable and cleanable like they normally would be.

Our anti-stain treatment provides invisible protection, so your fabric will keep its appearance and softness. The treatment is compatible with all heat stable fabrics. In addition, it meets the EPA's standards, has no detectable amount of PFOA, and it is more environmentally friendly than competing soil and stain treatments.

The soil resistant and anti-stain treatment we provide at Decorators Express will keep your fabrics looking clean and ensure that your furniture can handle whatever life throws at it.

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