Though Knit Backing is mainly used for upholstery fabrics for furniture, it can also be used for wall upholstery fabrics. Knit backing is a great way to enhance the appearance of upholstered furniture by providing dimensional stability and maintaining flexibility and “hand” or feel.

Knit Backing increases tear strength, reinforces light weight fabrics, reduces seam slippage and reduces fraying. It is also a good way to reinforce silks, lightweight fabrics, and loosely woven fabrics like Chenille and Linen to become more feasible for upholstery use. Further, Knit Backing reduces fraying and seam slippage, and widens your selection of fabrics.

We do recommend that loosely woven fabrics, including some Chenille, still be increased to the seam allowance greater than the standard 5/8”.

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