All fabrics must be accompanied by a purchase order either with the fabric or mailed in advance with a sample swatch.
Fill in the Order Form Below, then download and email to : and

For reassurance, submit a sample for testing and pre-processing approval.

Please advise if material is to be insured for more than $100.00 when shipping.

*Note: $90.00 minimum order per process.

Information required on your Purchase Order:

  • Customer name and address
  • Date sent
  • Purchase order number
  • Contact person
  • Phone and Fax numbers
  • Email Address
  • Total amount of yards, rolls, or pieces
  • Process to face or back of material (Please clearly identify face of fabrics or side to be laminated)
  • Ship to: name and address
  • Ship via: name of carrier
  • Side mark


Decorators Express will not assume liability of goods over $12.00 per yard unless prior arrangements have been made. We will not be responsible for material left more than 30 days after being notified of completion.

Inspect processed material before cutting, as no allowances of labor or fabric will be accepted if this procedure is not followed. In the event that you claim the processing of your material is not acceptable, we must be notified within 10 days of receipt of material. The material is to be made available for our examination and inspection.

Any omission of the above shall hereby constitute a general release of any and all claims against us. Materials returned for our inspection and examination, may at our option, be reprocessed in whole or in part and any claims adjudicated at that time.